Monday, January 26, 2009

Coaches, Teachers and Kids

I heard about this story today. Basically, a "beloved" football coach in Kentucky is being charged with reckless homicide because one of the players died during practice.

I don't know what you think of things like this, but my mind went elsewhere as usual.

I think we all know that I hate the current mixture of sports (particularly football) with our schools. Football has nothing to do with education and yet the coaches probably make a lot more than the math teachers. I had a football coach in Junior High try to explain to his history class why a pound of lead weighs more than a pound of gold or maybe vice versa (I'm shady on the details).

Anyway, there should be some general rule against taking advantage of someone with an immature mind. You can go do a search on the Internet and see all the teachers that have been charged with sex crimes against their "underage" students. Lots of women teachers have spent years in jail for having sex with students.

I personally, don't see the difference. If you are going to charge teachers with taking advantage of a student sexually, then teachers, that, through brainwashing, encourage athletes to overexert themselves to the point of dying, should also be charged. If I were 15, I'd rather be brainwashed into having sex with a teacher than be brainwashed into thinking if I drank water or took a break I'd be a pussy; causing me to die of heat stroke.

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