Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rib Injury

Today's news involves rib injury. I am pretty sure they are just bruised.

However, in my effort to serve society, I am here to spread this important announcement.

Your ribs are tender. Take care of them. If you tempted to risk rib injury, don't do it. Do something safer that doesn't involve possible rib risk.

Two days ago, I was attempting to move stereo components around on my small component rack. The receiver was a lot heavier than I reckoned and I fell over on the corner of the rack crushing my right side on the corner of the evil rack.

This maneuver immediately evoked a severe acute pain in my right side followed by a fit of rapid breathing and uncontrolled coughing.

Today I have a browning blue discoloration on the affected area. It is slightly uncomfortable to breathe. Sometimes, when I turn just right I am prodded with a painful reminder of my failure to properly care for my ribs. And that's not even hinting upon the excitement of sleeping soundly only to roll over onto the affected area.

I was trying to ask my wife the other day if it looked bad. She says she only gently touched the area. I thought she was trying to ram her finger through my ribcage to see if the other side of my lung was still intact.

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