Saturday, January 24, 2009

Interesting Presidental Statistics for Today

Occasionally, I discover something and it creates a flood of questions in my dangerously curious little head.

Last week, I was watching Obama sign something and was surprised to discover he was left handed. I get along quite well with most left handed people I meet. I think it's because I'm left handed too and my dad was left handed.

So, anyway, I made the comment that if Obama was an Aquarius, he'd be perfect. I'm a left-handed Aquarius. We are all perfect.

But, alas, Barack Obama was born August 4th which makes him a Leo. It's still not bad, just not perfect. In viewing people over the years, I've discovered which people I tend to like and which people I tend to dislike. It sounds frightening and it is, but I don't care. Normally, Cancers are difficult for me to tolerate. George Bush was a Cancer (in more ways than one). So, a left handed Leo should be much better than a right handed Cancer.

Durango is a Leo which is probably one of the reasons he likes Obama so much. I don't think he's left handed though. My brother is a Leo and I get along with him quite swimmingly. I used to get along with Durango before he abandoned me.

George was the first right handed president since 1980. Clinton was left handed, George's dad was left handed and Reagan was left handed. The amazing thing about Reagan is he was a left handed Aquarius. He was also a distant cousin of mine. My grandmother on my mom's side was a Reagan before she got married. I think Ron was a 5th or 6th cousin of mine. Carter was right handed. Gerald Ford was left handed.


  1. You are wrong for once. I am also left-handed. Although I am slightly ambidextrous, in that I bat right-handed in baseball, but I suck at baseball so that doesn't count. As you may remember before you forced me to abandon you, I think astrology is silly. But, having said that, I've never known a Taurus female who I could long tolerate. Or a Saggittarius.

  2. Left-handed Aquarius here. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. i'm a left handed aquarius too. Is it just me or do I feel that I want to be good in everything?

  4. Hey Shrey, after my last week or two of strange comments, I can't help but think someone put you up to that.

    Either that or it's a huge coincidence.

    But yes, I attribute that feeling to being an Aquarius. The only people I've met that understand it are other Aquarius.

    I once knew an Aquarius that learned how to ride a bike at midnight because he didn't want anyone to know he couldn't ride.