Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I went and saw their performance in Dallas last Saturday. They put on a very good show. The first part of it is all happy and Christmassy. They tell a pretty Christmas story and all the old ladies get teary eyed. I like the music though. I could do without the happy stories. These guys are all really good musicians.

But, the story is what I'm here to talk about. These musicians are from diverse backgrounds. You've got the guitarist that started Testament. A most un-Christmassy type band. You've got guys that have played with Alice Cooper, Megadeth, and on and on. Guys that would have given Tipper Gore more nightmares than Dee Snider.

Back when I was a kid I went through the whole PMRC craze. According to Tipper Gore, the PMRC was formed to alert the public of "the growing trend in music towards lyrics that are sexually explicit, excessively violent, or glorify the use of drugs and alcohol." (Gore, Tipper 68)

She'd probably enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Heck, she probably does enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Most of Trans-Siberian's roots come from a band called Savatage. If I am not mistaken, the Savatage drummer, guitarist, singer, bassist and producer all play a roll in Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Don't get me wrong. These are all some of my favorite bands. I've been listening to Savatage ever since I heard Power of the Night the first time back in 1985 or so. I just think it's funny that all these guys have gone on to create a Christmas event that is hugely popular. I still don't like Tipper and I don't own a gun, glorify drugs or alcohol or play with myself in the shower.


  1. You really should try playing with yourself in the shower. A little slippery shampoo in your hand and *bingo* you're in business! I think Slayer had a song about that in 1987....

  2. Yeah, I wasn't being 100% honest with my readers on that last part. Sorry.

    Bon Jovi had a "Slippery When Wet" album. I'm not sure which Slayer song you are talking about, but I will research it.

    Then there was Billy Idol with "Dancing With Myself". Seems to be a common theme.