Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Worst Part of the Speech

Obama is a good speaker. I think everyone agrees on that. I read an article about his speech yesterday and it was all going pretty good until one part.

He said, "our schools fail too many". Now, on the one hand I agree with this. But it's like saying "too many people are not millionaires". I also agree with this, but it's not the problem.

He would have been better off saying, "our school systems are not properly educating our children". Yes, too many are failing, but the ones that are passing are not getting a challenging, well rounded education. He, like his predecessor, is ignoring the gifted. It sounds like he's going to go with the "no child left behind" policy that I hate, although it could be part of a great policy. Just not the mantra of the policy.

Our education system can not be fixed by making sure everyone passes. On the radio today, a guy was saying how he makes money every six weeks by hacking into the school's computer and raising grades so athletes and other students don't fail. I guess he should be part of Obama's board of education. Sounds like he's got a plan for Obama's grand scheme that will actually make money rather than costing money.


  1. I think you're hearing the statement differently than it was intended. There are two potential senses of the verb "fail." In one sense (the one you heard), the people are failing, and the schools are doing this to them. I.e., our schools are flunking people out at an unacceptable rate. In that sense something like "no child left behind" is an obvious response.

    In the other sense (what I think he meant), the schools are failing to do what they're supposed to do. I.e., "they are failing to serve the people." If you consider this sense, I don't think there's any conflict with what you want. Fix the educational system to serve the people and the country.

  2. That is rather interesting actually.

    It's interesting that I read it the way that I did.

    Did I read it that way because of Bush's "no child left behind" and the brainwashed induced skepticism caused by that policy?

    Or did I read it that way simply because I attribute school and failing to our grading system because of 12 years of brainwashing at the school system?

    He should fire his speech writer. I hear he's too young anyway.

  3. He meant our schools fail to provide the education the students need, not that they fail too many students. He meant it like when you say your schooling failed to provide you a more challenging school. You should have been in Special Education like me. Then maybe you might have had a chance at passing a simple civics class.

    It's not too late. I think you can take night classes at the local community colleges.

    I agree, having a 27 year old speech writer is ridiculous.