Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Things I Learned This Week

Most people are smart enough to know not to shoot someone. But these same people still smoke around others (even though 2nd hand smoke has been proven to increase your risk of cancer).

Most people still drive their cars, even though it has been proven the CO2 levels in the atmosphere can cause global warming which could eventually lead to extinction.

Not very many people read my blog. When I post similar things on NBC news stories, lots and lots of people call me an idiot.

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the exact same day. They were both Aquarius. February 12, 1809. They both died in April. Darwin, April 19, 1882. Lincoln, April 15, 1865. Of course one died more violently than the other.

Darwin did not come up with the idea of evolution. He simply did the research and the publications. He wrote it down. Jean Baptiste de Lamarck had the idea. He was more of a philosopher though so it wasn't taken too seriously. He didn't do the leg work. Besides Lamarckism doesn't sound as cool as Darwinism.

Good actors and actresses are the ones that you like, but you don't recognize. Gary Oldman has kept me ignorant for a long time and I've watched several movies, where he plays a main role, several times. I've watched Prisoner of Azkaban more times than I like to admit. I've watched Batman Begins at least 3 times. I never knew.

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