Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trustworthiness and Politicians

I was listening to the radio again this morning on the way to work and apparently these guys at Princeton have discovered that humans see people as trustworthy based on facial features (don't know how long that link will last). When you are walking down the street certain people appear trustworthy while others do not.

I decided to take it a step further. Here's the picture from the Princeton article.
If you can't tell by looking the one on the left is the "trustworthy" face. The right one is not, the center one is neutral.

Here's some famous people who were recent Presidents.
I'm seeing lots of neutrality there. Both have the eyebrows that are even or maybe a little raised coming to the inner face. Here's a famous person that was not elected.
He's definitely leaning towards the not trustworthy side. Here's to genetics. Or maybe we could save a lot of money during the next election. The guys at Princeton say we make these decisions in less than a second.


  1. Looking at your profile pic, it would appear that you are not trustworthy. I'm shocked.

  2. I'm shocked too. No wonder people don't flock to me when I'm out and about.