Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laws, Laws, Laws and More Laws

The lawyers get richer, the people get poorer. Why do we need so many laws?

A long while ago I blogged about my new political party: The KISS Party.

The KISS acronym even has a Wiki page thus saving me the trouble of discussing it at length.

In Texas, they are trying to ban smoking in public places. I have friends that smoke. One of my best friends smokes more than I breathe. I don't really mind being in smoking places. I'm slightly allergic and I don't like it being blown in my face, but for the most part it doesn't bother me. My wife is a "follow the crowd" smoker. She can go for months without smoking and then go out with her friends and go through a pack because everyone else is.

According to my KISS Party Principle, we only need one law. Don't do anything that will hurt someone else. With that one law, people shouldn't smoke in public.

We don't need the law, just the penalty. What should be the penalty for giving others a higher incidence of lung cancer?

Now, they are trying to pass a law to ban cell phones while driving. It makes me crazy when I see someone talking on the phone while they drive. However, it still falls under the rule: Don't do anything that will hurt someone else. We don't need another law. I don't care why someone is driving recklessly. If they are driving recklessly because they are playing with their stereo, yelling at their kids, or talking on the phone, they should be pulled over and fined appropriately. We don't need specialized laws.

When you stand back and look at it, we are allowing the law makers to do some pretty scary stuff. They ban certain types of guns because of their "danger" potential. They ban certain drugs because drugs create crime. If we continue to try and prevent crime before it happens pretty soon they'll just genetically test all babies to see if they have the "criminal gene". Babies with the criminal gene are illegal.

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